Summer Institute

Summer Institute in American Foreign Policy

The 2021 summer institute will be virtual. Running June 14 – July 2, classes will take place 10am-12pm four days/week. Use this form to apply. The deadline is April 15.

The Williams College Summer Institute in American Foreign Policy opened in June 2010, providing 19 Williams College Students the opportunity to participate in a rigorous 3-week program devoted to the study of American foreign policy and grand strategy. The Institute will accept up to 12 students in the summer of 2021. The goals of the Institute include:

1. Providing students with an intellectual foundation in American foreign policy and grand strategy, as well as a practical understanding of the unique challenges faced by policymakers.

2. Providing students an opportunity to master a subject of great importance and interact with fellow students and outside experts in an intense and intimate academic setting.

3. Developing a set of intellectual and practical skills that will serve students beyond Williams College.

The Faculty for Summer 2021 will be…

James McAllister, Professor of Political Science and Director of the Stanley Kaplan Program in American Foreign Policy and Paul MacDonald, Associate Professor of Political Science, Wellesley College.

This program is open to rising Williams College sophomores, juniors, and seniors and will run June 14-July 2. This program will be virtual. Students will also receive a $1000.00 stipend upon successful completion of the program.

Application for summer 2021 The deadline is April 15, 2021. Contact Prof. McAllister with any questions.