Charles U. Zug

Areas of Expertise

My research interests lie at the intersection of American politics and political theory, including American political thought, public law, the presidency, and the history of political thought. My current research project focuses on the interaction between demagoguery and the American constitutional order. Specifically, I examine contrasting ways in which demagogic leadership tactics have been deployed by public officials in American political history, as well as how political actors have weaponized the concept of demagoguery to discredit their political adversaries. I am currently working on several related journal articles as well as a book manuscript, tentatively titled Demagogues in the Constitutional Order, which uses the United States Constitution to derive a framework for evaluating the rhetorical choices of constitutional officeholders.

Scholarship/Creative Work

“The Republican Theories of Rousseau and the American Anti-Federalists,” Australian Journal of Politics & History 66, 2 (2020): 181-199.

“Diagnosing the Blinding Effects of Trumpism,” Critical Review 31, 2 (2019): 242-254.

“The Rhetorical Presidency Made Flesh: A Political Science Classic in the Age of Donald Trump,” Critical Review 30, 3-4 (2018): 347-368.