Leadership Studies Track

To meet the requirements of the concentration, students must complete either the Leadership Studies (traditional) Track or the American Foreign Policy Track (6 courses total).

Additional and/or substitute electives are offered each year; students should consult the course offerings in the catalog (below the description of the tracks) for the full list of elective offerings in a given year.


Although there currently is no Honors route in the Leadership Studies program, it often is possible for students pursuing the concentration to undertake an Honors project within their major disciplines on topics that enables them to develop and explore their interests in Leadership Studies. Faculty in the program are happy to discuss this possibility with concentrators and to help them develop suitable Honors thesis topics. In some cases, depending on the topic and the department involved, a faculty member in the program might also be able to serve as an official or unofficial co-supervisor for an Honors project in another

The Introductory Course:

LEAD/Political Science 125: Power, Leadership and Legitimacy: An Introduction to Leadership Studies

One Required Course on Ethical Issues Related to Leadership:

LEAD/Political Science 203 Introduction to Political Theory

Two Core Courses Dealing with Specific Facets or Domains of Leadership:

CLAS 258/ANTH 258/HIST 394/REL 213  Divine Kingship in the Ancient Mediterranean
Classics/History/Leadership Studies 323: Leadership, Government, and the Governed in Ancient Greece
History 111/Leadership 150: Movers and Shakers in the Modern Middle East
History/Leadership 157: From Powhatan to Lincoln: Discovering Leadership in a New World
History 158: Thicker than Water: American Political Dynasties
History 326: War in European History
History 355/Leadership 255: Perspectives on the American Revolution
History/Africana Studies 381: From Civil Rights to Black Power
History 475: Modern Warfare and Military Leadership
Leadership Studies/French 212/History 393: Sister Revolutions in France and America
Leadership Studies 250: Political Leadership
Leadership Studies 259/History 359: The Politics of Presidential Leadership, 1776-1860
Leadership Studies 275: The Art of Presidential Leadership
Leadership Studies/Political Science 285: The Revolutionary Generation: Galaxy of Leaders
Leadership Studies 295: Leadership and Management
Political Science/Leadership 206T: Dangerous Leadership in American Politics
Political Science 218: The American Presidency
Political Science 345 Cosmology and Rulership in Ancient Chinese Political Thought
Sociology 387: Propaganda

One Leadership Studies Winter Study Course

(listed separately in the catalogue)

Capstone Course:

Leadership Studies 402: The Art of Presidential Leadership

Note: Please check the course catalog for additional offerings or check with the program chair, Justin Crowe, to see if other courses might count as electives.