American Foreign Policy Track

An Introductory Course:

HIST 262: The U.S. and the World, 1776-1914
PSCI 165: America and the World
LEAD/PSCI 155: Visionaries, Pragmatists, and Demagogues: An Introduction to Leadership Studies

One Required course on Issues Related to American Domestic Leadership:

History/Leadership 157: From Powhatan to Lincoln: Discovering Leadership in a New World
History 158: Thicker than Water: American Political Dynasties
History 355/Leadership 255: Perspectives on the American Revolution
History 359/Leadership 259: The Politics of Presidential Leadership, 1776-1860
History 360: The Spanish-American War
Leadership 250: Political Leadership
Leadership Studies 285: The Revolutionary Generation: Galaxy of Leaders
Leadership Studies 402: The Art of Presidential Leadership
Political Science/Leadership 205: Leaders in Contemporary Conservative Political Thought
Political Science/Leadership 218: The American Presidency
Political Science 230: American Political Thought
Political Science 309: Problems/Progress in American Democracy

Three Required Courses Dealing with Specific Facets of American Foreign Policy Leadership:

History 262: The United States and the World, 1776 to 1914
History 263: The United States and the World, 1914 to the Present
History/Leadership/Africana Studies 345: “In Our Own Backyard?” U.S. and Latin American Relations
History 388: The Cold War, 1945-1991
History 464: The United States and the Vietnam War
Political Science 222: The United States and Latin America
Political Science 262: America and the Cold War
Political Science 225: International Security
Political Science 323T: Henry Kissinger and the American Century
Political Science 326: Empire and Imperialism
Political Science/Leadership 362T: The Wilsonian Tradition in American Foreign Policy
Political Science 420: Senior Seminar in International Relations: The War in Iraq
Sociology 202: Terrorism and National Security

Capstone Course(s):

Political Science/Leadership 365: U.S. Grand Strategy (W)
Leadership Studies 402: Domains of Leadership: The Roosevelt Style of Leadership
Political Science 420: Henry Kissinger: Detente and the End of the Cold War

(There is no winter study component to the American Foreign Policy Leadership track.)

Note: Please check the course catalog for additional offerings or check with the program chair, Justin Crowe, to see if other courses might count as electives.