American Foreign Policy Program

Stanley Kaplan Program in American Foreign Policy

The Stanley Kaplan Program in American Foreign Policy enables students to pursue studies of the past, present and future of American leadership in world affairs. Thanks to a generous contribution from a donor, the program is able to bring distinguished visiting professors in both history and political science to spend a year offering courses to students at Williams. Students who are particularly interested in American foreign policy leadership have the opportunity of pursuing a concentration in leadership studies.

Student leadership is an important component of the Stanley Kaplan Program. Students play a major role in selecting guest speakers and planning monthly events related to American foreign policy. The program also sponsors a variety of fellowship opportunities that enable students to pursue their interest in the study of American foreign policy.

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Past Stanley Kaplan Visiting Professor of American Foreign Policy

2006-07: David Kaiser
2007-08: Mark Stoler
2008-09: Michael Hunt 2009-10: Randall Woods
2010-11: Kenneth Osgood
2011-12: Mark Lawrence
2012-13: David Kaiser
2013-14: Chris Tudda
spring 2015: Douglas MacDonald
2015-16: Eugene Gholz
fall 2016 Robert MacMahon
2017-18: Chris Gibson
fall 2021: Richard H. Immerman
2022-23: Venessa Walker

Stanley Kaplan Visiting Postdoctoral Fellows

2006-08: Joshua Rovner
2009-10: Paul Chamberlin
2011-13: Brendan Green
2015-16 Galen Jackson ’09
2017-18 Chad Levinson
2018-20 Phoebe Donnelly
2022-23 Elizabeth Iams Wellman